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Santhwana Projects 2012-2013

KMRM participation in 83th Reunion Celebration at Mavelikkara & KMRM Santhwana Distribution Function 2013,

The 83rd Reunion Celebrations took place at mavelikkara on September 18 to 21, 2013.
The list of short listed candidates for Education Santhwana (a helping aid for Education) from various dioceses was handed over to Mr.Shibu Jacob, Santhwana Convener, by MCA charity coordinator Mr.Geevarghese. HG Joshua Mar Ignatios, HG Geevarghese Mar Divanasiyos, HG Vincent Mar Paulose were present. MCA President Mr. Philip Kadavil presided over the meeting. . KMRM President Mr. O.M. Mathew, Santhwana  Convener Mr. Shibu Jacob felicitated the event.

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Kuwait Malankara Rite Movement (MCA Kuwait)

Make a difference in someone’s life those needed your assistance. Donate generously now ...!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

Charity is broadly defined as generosity and helpfulness especially towards the needy and suffering, or in simple the aid given to poor. In its widest and highest sense, charity includes love of God as well as love of man. As a virtue, charity is that habit or power which disposes us to love God above all creatures for Himself, and to love ourselves and our fellow beings for the sake of God.

Malankara Catholic community in Kuwait through the channel of KMRM follows the Tradition of the Malankara Church through spiritual, social, charitable and cultural activities. Among that the most important is the “DHARMA OF CHARITY”. We are inspired by our faith for a process of self evaluation and commit ourselves more earnestly to uplift the marginalized or the poor and downtrodden in our society and to strengthen them in every way possible.

SANTHWANA Charity Program is one of the core annual programs of KMRM which provides assistance to people who are in need, irrespective of caste and creed. We intend to transform lives of these people through programs such as Emergency Assistance, Assistance for Education, Medical Assistance and Social Assistance. So far we have provided charity assistance of over INR 1.85 Crores under the heads of “MANGALYA SANTHWANA, PARPIDA SANTHWANA, KARUNYA SANTHWANA & KALALAYA SANTHWANA”. The success of our entire program is not only the good intention of the charity programs but also the transparency with which we have implemented in all the previous year’s Charity Projects of SANTHWANA.

KALALAYA SANTHWANA is the charity program planning for the year 2013 through which we intend to give aid for professional education focused mainly on nursing studies, in all the Dioceses of the Malankara Church and a special project for the primary education needs for the Dalit & Nadar Students in the Diocese of Marthandom. These projects seem to be to a great extent feasible and attainable within our capacity.

Fund for the above project shall be raised through voluntary donations and we would like to have your prayers and generous support to make this year’s charity program a great success.

Yours Sincerely,

for Santhwana Committee
for KMRM Managing Committee
Adv. Shibu Jacob Thiruvalil     OM Mathew Isac Kadakampalli Jameskutty MJ
General Convener     President Secretary Treasurer

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