About Kuwait Malankara Rite Movement

Kuwait Malankara Rite Movement (KMRM) is an association of Malankara Catholic laymen who are living in Kuwait and it came into existence on 27 February, 1994. As an organization it has gained Indian Embassy registration on 7 December, 1996 and is affiliated to Malankara Catholic Association (MCA). It is aiming to follow the Malankara Rite Tradition in spiritual, social and various cultural activities. The humble beginning is now strengthened with nearly 400 families and more than 1500 members. On area basis KMRM members are sub-divided into seven prayer groups to conduct weekend evening prayers (Friday) and to maintain close and good relationship in all good ways. The goal of KMRM is continuing. To strengthen the spiritual life and social and cultural activities – Our kids have catechism, Ladies have Friends of Mary and Youths have Yuva Jyothi.

The yearly activities of KMRM is organized by a central committee of 19 members nominated on area basis.


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