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Rev. Dr. John Padipurackal
Director – KMRM Liturgical School & Baladeepam

Christian Faith is the most important treasure in our life.  Faith is God's gratuitous gift.  What does it mean? We have not done anything to obtain or merit faith. God loves us, so He has called us to be Christians and elected us to be members of the Kingdom of God.  Our parents who considered their Christian faith as precious have initiated us to the Christian way of life.  It is our duty to learn the fundamentals of our faith; and it is also necessary to train ourselves in the Christian way of life.

As Malankara Catholics we have a unique history and tradition.  Our knowledge of the history and tradition of the Malankara Catholic Church will enable us to be more ardent in faith and happy in the Church communion.  Moreover the story of the sacrifice and suffering of our ancestors will inspire us to experience faith as more personal.  It will also encourage us to become witnesses of faith in every situations of life.

Let us thank God for the great treasure of Christian faith and grace to be the members of the Universal Catholic Communion.  Let us promise to take the Catechism and Liturgy classes with earnestness.  Let us pledge to consider Christian Faith as the most precious treasure and the Church as our Mother and Teacher.

Praise be to the holy name of Jesus!

Lawrence Georgekutty
Head Master - KMRM Liturgical School

 My Dear Children,

 “Draw near to me, you who are uneducated and lodge in the house of instruction,” (Sir.51:23)

 Our ability to grasp, our memory power and all other mental faculties are gift from God. We should not be over-concerned regarding certain abilities that we do not posses. We should trust the Lord to supply all our needs in the right time.

 When we sit down for studies, our attitude towards the particular subject is very important. If we find certain subjects difficult to tackle, let us not hate the subject, instead ask the Lord through prayer to develop an attitude of love and interest towards it.

 Please remember that “whoever is thirsty should come to me and drink… Whoever believes in Me, streams of life giving water will flow from within him.” (Jn. 7:37-38)

 Dear children keep it in mind that, “we are called to be faithful and not to be successful. Remember we cannot do anything without Jesus.